Fremont County, Colorado

Bishop Castle

Bishop Castle Colorado
Bishop Castle is an amazing place! Located in Custer County near Westcliffe, Jim Bishop has been working on building the castle of his dreams for the past 30 years.
Bishop Castle
There are so many rooms to explore with two tall turrets. Definitely climb one of them to take in the beautiful scenery of the mountains of southern Colorado. Here is the view from one of the turrets, looking down at the ground. Yes folks, this is a large structure! :)
Bishop Castle Jim Bishop
It is quite common to see Jim Bishop right there on the grounds working on the castle.
Bishop Castle
There is a beautiful cathedral-style room with benches and stain-glass designs.
Bishop Castle
One more photo of the castle. Notice the dragon - In the winter, a wood burning stove below keeps the castle warm and smoke comes out of the dragon's mouth!

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